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We’re dropping prices quicker than celebrity nudes are being leaked. 

• Hoodie - £19.99
• Sweater - £18.99 (worlds comfiest jumper)
#fashionvictimclothing  (at Worldwide shipping avaialble!)
Absolutely destroyed myself yesterday due to alcohol and now I feel very extremely ill. USE THE CODE “ohno” TO RECEIVE FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Ends in about 4 hours so jump on it. Nice one.
Items from the paradise collection, only £12.99 (at Visit the link in our bio. ✌️)
We hope you rep the shit out of us as at many places at possible. #karlpilkington ✊#fashionvictimclothing
2 tone hoodies now only £19.99
#fashionvictimclothing (at Link to our store in our bio 🍊)
We found a few of these the other day, they’ll be up on store soon. Crossed axe t-shirt, £14.99.
🙌 #karlpilkington
Use the tag #fashionvictimclothing because #fashionvictim is hard to keep up with haha. Thank you guys ✌️

#karlpilkington (at Worldwide shipping avaialble!)
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We sell tie dyes. And we like bums. Going quick and currently only £12.99… Wowzers in me trousers, that’s cheap! (at Look up. 😜)
Seb from @emilysarmy & Matt Grocott from @mgandtheshrives wearing our long sleeve original type raglan. Extremely low stock.
#fashionvictimclothing (at Visit the link in our bio. ✌️)
Our most popular product, obviously. Delivered by Karl himself (not really).
#karlpilkington #fashionvictimclothing

This is genuine